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Puppy Training Information

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Many people are not prepared to handle the amount of puppy training that must done when you decide to bring a puppy into your home. The amount of time and effort you spend on puppy training during the first week of pet ownership is absolutely imperative and can have a dramatic effect on how well your puppy behaves and learns proper behavior in the future. Before you bring your puppy home and start puppy training, you want to make sure you are prepared and have purchased the proper equipment to make the puppy comfortable.

Items such as a collar, leash, dog bed, food, feeding bowls and other accessories such as those should all be purchased before the puppy comes home or relatively soon after. Another very important component to puppy training is setting up a clear schedule for when and who will take care of the puppy. Taking it on walks, feeding it, or even just playing with the puppy should be discussed in depth so that there is no confusion later.

Puppy training should be fun for everyone, both for the owners and the puppy. Do not make it a punishment. Your puppy will learn much more and much faster if they actually enjoy puppy training. It should not be seen negatively by your puppy.

There are many different schools of thought in regards to puppy training. Some people believe that you shouldn’t start until they are 4-6 months old, and some people believe that once the puppy is a month old you can slowly start the puppy training. No matter what age you start any puppy training program, you want to make sure that you are always patient and willing to take whatever time it takes for your puppy to learn how to behave in an expected manner.

As stated earlier, the first week or first few days are some of the most important days during puppy training. Everyone is very enthusiastic and your puppy is probably very happy to be in a new place with people who care about it. Everyone who comes in contact with the puppy will want to pick it up and hold it as if it were a little baby, even though it actually is still a baby. Certain behaviors that puppies do like jumping up on people are easily deterred at this point and can save a lot of trouble in the future. If you notice any bad behaviors, you will want to redirect that behavior as much as possible while the dog is still new to your home.

Puppy training as they get older can become more and more difficult because their behavior patterns become more and more stable and ingrained.
Remember to always be kind and enthusiastic during puppy training. Your pet has recently been removed from her mother and litter mates. It may be very lonely and miss all of them a great deal. In essence, your puppy will be very vulnerable emotionally and you do not want to hurt them with negative puppy training. There is a lot of literature available on the internet about puppy training and although you cannot possibly read all of it, becoming more educated on the subject is always a wise decision.

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