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Deer Antler Dog Treats

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Most people wouldn’t think about giving their dogs antlers to chew on, but they are actually delicious and nutritious treats that most canines absolutely love. Of course, pet stores are overloaded with dozens of choices when it comes to dog treats, but none of them are as natural as deer antlers. Here we’ll take a closer look at deer antler dog treats and reveal how to safely use them.

Why Deer Antlers Are Good Dog Treats

The fact is that many animals hunt out shed deer antlers in the woods for their nutritional value. Squirrels, foxes, coyotes, pigs, and mice are just a few of the many animals that consume antlers in the wild. Because of this, you can rest assured that its a healthy and nutritious snack that your dog is sure to enjoy.

So, just what exactly do deer antlers contain? In addition to large amounts of calcium, they also contain a number of beneficial vitamins, many of which aren’t found in traditional dog food. The primary benefit that comes from your dog eating antlers is the calcium they contain, as it helps strengthen their bones and teeth.

How To Give Your Dog Antler Treats

Obviously, you don’t want to give a full rack of antlers to your dog, but instead, you should chop them up into smaller pieces. If you have some antlers, take a hacksaw or skill saw and cut them into 3 to 4-inch size pieces. Once you’ve chopped them up, place them in a large container and occasionally give them to your dog one at a time. Depending on how fresh they are and from what species of deer they came from, it may take your dog a week or longer to finish one.

Although antler treats are safe to consume, you should still supervise your dog while they are enjoying this all-natural treat. Unfortunately, there’s always a chance your dog can choke or get a piece lodged in their throat. This is a risk with anything your dog eats, antlers and rawhide treat included. If you’re about to leave the house to go run errands, make sure that you don’t leave your dog with an antler treat.

Moderation is the key to allowing your dog enjoy their deer antler treats. If you allow them to have too many, it could potentially upset their stomach, so try to keep it limited to once per week at the most.

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