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Couple of Facts about Hamster that You should know

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Hamsters become sexually mature as young as four weeks, so make sure that females and males have been accurately sexed and separated – pet shop staff or the breeder should manage to show you the difference between the genders. You cannot be sure you have not purchased a pregnant hamster if they’re not confident.


A commercial hamster mix is an excellent basis for its diet. Hamsters also like little pieces of fresh fruit and veggies, like a little sprig of cauliflower or a slice of apple. Thus don’t give them too many green vegetables because they will rot hamsters hoard food within their beds. Remove all uneaten foods daily.

Physical features

A hamster’s entrance teeth, like those of other rodents, always grow so they must gnaw to keep them in shape. Fresh water must always be accessible from a free- access drinking bottle fastened to the cage. Check this daily to shift the water and also to see that it has not become blocked.

Keeping food in cheek pouches can on occasion lead to problems. It could be because their pouches may also be sometimes pierced by sharp pieces of foods, and this can sometimes trigger an infection. In that case antibiotics may be needed, but remember – always seek veterinary advice.

It’s beneficial to understand that hamsters have scent glands on opposite sides of the flanks, which could look like small, dark patches. These are normal. However, in case you are at all worried about your hamster’s well-being, do consult with a vet.


You have to suit the vague to the type of your hamster. For example, Dwarf Winter White Russians have become small and compact, measuring only 3-1/2″ to 4″ as full grown adults. An aquarium is usually a safer housing choice than the usual wire cage because they are so tiny. The typical life span of a Dwarf Winter White Russian hamster is about 2 years. On the other hand, Syrian hamster is much bigger and he won’t escape from the majority of available cages. However, you need to be sure that the bar spacing in your cage is not bigger than 1/2 inch for Syrian and 5/16 inch for dwarf hamster.

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